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Famous Enterprise Zhongxu Seize зыярат кылды |Ишкананы мыкты башкаруунун жолун изилдөө!!!!!

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Famous Enterprise Zhongxu Seize зыярат кылды |Мыкты ишкананы башкаруу жолун изилдөө!!!

For more than two years, the intermittent outbreak of the Covid-19 has brought a considerable impact on many of our enterprises. Some enterprises are faced with practical problems such as declining orders, unstable teams, and bottlenecks in growth, which have put huge pressure on enterprise managers. But there are also some companies that show another scene: increased orders, team expansion, and accelerated development.

Why so different?

On 6th September,the special event of "Exploring the Way of Excellent Enterprise Management" organized by famous enterprise Zhongxu organized entrepreneurs to visit Seize Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and exchanged the company's management with Mr. Chen,the general manager of Seize.

Visit Seize exhibition hall

The group of entrepreneurs first visited the Seize energy-saving air compressor exhibition hall under the guidance of the docent, and had an in-depth understanding of Seize's development history, invention patents, and smart air compressor stations.


Visit Seize super factory

Entrepreneurs of Zhongxu visited the production workshop of Seize under the leadership of Director Sun, the production director of Seize, to learn more about the advantages of Seize energy-saving air compressors in the air compressor industry under the promotion of the national policy of focusing on the development of "high-efficiency and energy-saving industries". product advantages.


During the visit and exchange, everyone learned more about the production equipment, technology, production capacity and energy-saving air compressor products of Seize Factory.


General manager Mr Chen topic share


Cheng Hongxing, the general manager of Seize, shared the development history of Seize and the management methods of the company. Through specific cases, he made wonderful sharing on corporate culture, corporate management, talent management and other sectors. The entrepreneurs at the meeting also Shared their experience in business development.


In this visit and exchange, Zhongxu entrepreneurs all said that this visit and exchange had benefited from their own knowledge of enterprise management, and they should bring Seize's corporate culture and management methods back to study and improve.



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